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Cine: Datos Curiosos de Películas

Datos Curiosos de Películas: Piratas del Caribe, La Lista De Shindler, Chaplin, 1408, Grindhouse, 300, El Laberinto del Fauno, Hanibal, Grito “Wilhelm”, El Rey León, Steven Seagal, Michael Jackson, Amelie, La Película Más Larga, Final Fantasy, Scream, King Kong, Abierto hasta el Amanecer Piratas del Caribe: La Maldición de la Perla NegraEl ataque a Port Royale se parece mucho al ataque ...

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What do you need on your luggage when you go to live on the Caribbean?

When Antoine told me that he had got a job in Guadeloupe you cant imagine my happiness!Finally we were going to see the sun!!Lets be honnest after 7 years in Belgium (even if they were amazing) summer and the sun is not something that we see very often., so during all this time my summer clothes stayed on a side for my great regret, because is my favourite season.With The Honney Moon ahead and the ...